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Chocolate and Peanut Butter is the ultimate sweet combination so this cookie is 'The Ultimate Cookie'. You will probably want to hide these cookies away from family & friends, or make a double batch to share.


A simple cookie recipe that pays tribute to our Anzacs and we love them. Fresh from the oven they are at their very best, or squash some ice cream in between for the best ice cream sandwiches.


If you have a round of camembert cheese in the deli drawer of your fridge then you can make this super easy and super yummy cheese fondue with just a few ingredients.

A cauliflower crust replaces the traditional flatbread for a healthier and delish dish. Those looking for a gluten free alternative, this is the recipe for you.


Top these waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup for a quick and easy dessert or a Sunday morning breakfast. These waffles will impress anyone you make them for..


If you like crunchy, succulent, full-flavoured chicken then this recipe is for you. It's great on it's own, with a spicy dipping sauce and an icy cold beer. Or bring it up another level and make burgers with them.

Put a little asian twist on your ribs with brandy and hoisin as part of the base for a marinade that's packed with sugar. They are finger lickin' delicious.. that's for sure!


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