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Walking into Sparrow Eating House in Nobbys Beach, feels like you are walking into a big warm loving hug. It's a restaurant that makes you feel relaxed and comforted not only by the friendly staff but by the gorgeous decor. In your heart you just know that you are going to enjoy a delcious meal here and you know you will walk away feeling loved.

Every single detail in Sparrow is done with a simple yet sofisticated touch, from the tabletop decor of glistening candles to the beautiful pink orchids in the vases. From the copper top tables to the geometric lighting, it all adds a modern yet charming feel to the entire place. We simply cannot fault the design of this place, it just oozes love, which is why we think it is a perfect restaurant to take a date for a romantic dinner. Or even a great place to take your family & friends to if you are celebrating a special occassion, it's perfect all round.

As we settled into our seats and took in the beautiful ambience of Sparrow Eating House, we began to peruse the brand new Autumn Menu in front of us. We were definintely impressed with what we saw...

Drink selections were up first and we ordered a round for the table. Recommended to us was the Flip The Birdie - a blend of elderflower & jasmine join together for this refreshing iced tea style drink, topped with an angostura bitters mist. Another recommendation was the Coconut Margarita, along with a favourite beer selection of ours, Balter Brewer's Alt Brown.

Now let's get to talking about the food... *pause* ohhh the food! It was incredible, possibly our most favourite visit to Sparrow ever.

First up we tried the classic Sparrow favourite Tempura Zucchini Flowers - stuffed with truffle ricotta, pumpkin and spiced honey (V). The crispy tempura coating was sensational and as you bite into that crunchiness, your mouth begins to taste the filling of creamy ricotta with flavours of sweet pumpkin and subtle honey. These are to die for! So glad that they keep these favourites on the menu regularly.

Second small plate dish to come to the table was the Charred Whole Chorizo - served with onion cream, fennel and thyme crunch. When chorizo is charred or grilled, the flavours multiply twice over inside and this is exactly what happened here. The spiciness of the chorizo was paired so cleverly with the rich onion flavours in the onion cream and the freshness of the fennel. A simple dish yet full of flavour and textures.

Next to arrive, for us personally, was the standout dish of Spiced Calamari - with paprika lime salt and candied aioli (GF). Where do we begin to describe this dish.. umm.. well.. it was bang on! When we ordered, Andrew the owner commented 'But you ordered the Calamari last time' yes we did but so glad we stuck to our guns and kept it on order because this calamari is amazing! The spice from the paprika packs a punch with the flavour of the whole dish. A dish we would order time and time again.

When we first glanced at the menu, this was one of the first dishes that caught our eyes. Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken - with pickled zucchini and sriracha mayo (GF). A stand out dish this is, with it's tender buttermilk marinated chicken fillets that are coated with a crispy spicy coating. Complimented with strips of pickled zucchini, dollops of mayonnaise and lathered with streams of sriracha. If this is what Autumn tastes like, then this is our favourite season ever.

Now we are not personally lamb lovers, when it's on a menu we tend to avoid it because most often the strong lamb flavour overrides the whole dish. But highly recommended was the Jerk Lamb Rump - with farrow, pinenuts, artichokes and blueberry jus (GF) so we ordered it. So glad we did. The lamb was delicate and melted in our mouths, paired with the farro and pinenuts, it felt like a warm loving hug and as we approach the colder months this is exactly what we need.

The last of the larger plates ordered was the Overnight Roasted Pork Shoulder - with crackling, roasted potatoes, greens, pancetta and goats cheese. You can't help but zoom in on the strands of crispy pork crackling on this dish as it comes to the table. When you get through the very welcomed mountain of crackling you uncover chunky portions of the softest and tenderest pork shoulder. Sitting amongst that are roasted potatoes and greens topped with delicious goats cheese and pancetta, the perfect modern roast dinner.

We have a rule at Crave.. 'always leave room for dessert' whenever we go out for dinner and we always leave room for a Sparrow dessert or two. First on the dessert menu is the Oreo Creme Brulee so we just had to go with that and we also chose the Lemon & Pavan Panna Cotta - with rhubarb, white chocolate, ginger crumb, lemon sorbet and popcorn. (GF) The panna cotta was a great dessert to end the meal off with, it was light and not too sweet and the popcorn added a surprising texture to the dish. But then it was time for the brulee... *pauses* oh my! We think it is the best dessert we have ever had. A big call we know but it seriously was incredible. As you crack through thehardened toffee top with your spoon, it just glides through the smooth creamy custard of the creme brulee with ease. Once that spoonful goes into your mouth you are taken to a dessert heaven. We cannot stress enough how amazing this dessert is. You MUST try it for yourselves.

Overall, as we mentioned above, this was our best dining experience at Sparrow Eating House to date. The food impressed us well over our expectations and we left saying to ourselves.. 'Wow! That was one of the best dinners we have ever eaten!'

The brand new Autumn menu is definitely one that you must experience and soon, afterall it's only around for another 2 and a half months and we know you will want to go back a second, or third time to try it. Take a date, or meet up with some friends or treat your family to an Autumn taste sensation at Sparrow. You will be impressed..


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