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With it's popularity amongst visiting celebrities and strong reputation as one of the finest restaurants on the Gold Coast, it must be every food lover's dream to dine at The Fish House in Burleigh Heads. We were thrilled recently to be invited there to sample the fine food & wine and let our followers know exactly what we thought.

From the street, The Fish House makes an instant impact with it's sleek white brick exterior and chic black & white awnings. Walking inside, the interior raises that level on first impressions to an almighty high, it's simply stunning. Crisp white walls using both brick and tiles, an olive green feature wall highlights the beautiful white fireplace and mantle. Then you look to your left at the open windows overlooking Burleigh Heads beach and you know that a long lunch is exactly what you are wanting just so you can take it all in. As we sat in our seats we knew that there was a great possibilty we were sitting in a seat that possibly Johhny Depp or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson or even our beloved Kylie Minogue had once sat in, we knew we were in a place that was about to fulfill our food dreams...

As we took in the stunning views of Burleigh Beach, we decided to start with a couple of drinks. An Aperol Spritz and a Pomegranate Sour, were the cocktails of our choice today. The Pomegranate Sour cocktail was so pretty and had the perfect amount of sweet and perfect amount of sour.

It was then our time to view the food menu and we were so impressed with what was on offer, it was hard to decide on what to try. Whilst majority of the menu is seafood based, there are options on the menu to order for vegetarians and there is a delicious steak option for those not keen on seafood. But how could we come to The Fish House and not try their fish.

Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread was placed to the side of us on the table to enjoy with either the fresh butter or the olive oil. We sampled both options and it's a delicious start to what will be an enjoyable lunch.

First we ordered the Yellowfish Tuna - from Mooloolaba with tuna sauce, royal miyagi oysters and wild scampi caviar. Very similar to a Carpaccio style dish with the tuna sliced paper thinly and arranged in a circle, topped with oysters and caviar. A very delicate dish that started our whole Fish House experience off perfectly.

For entrees, we ordered the Pan-seared Scallops - with squid ink, mushroom duxelle and crispy serrano. Visually this dish has wow factor, with four fresh & plump grilled sea scallops on beds of squid ink and mushroom duxelle and topped with finely chopped serrano, like a work of art. Pleasing to the eye and the palate, both with flavour and texture.

Our second entree, was the classic Prawn Cocktail - with shredded baby gem lettuce, cocktail sauce and lemon wedge. A very 80's style dish but the reason why it still lingers today on menus is because it's so good. Fresh prawns served atop of a glass of crisp lettuce, mixed with the tangy seafood sauce and fresh lemon, it's a classic that we are happy that they keep on their menu.

When it comes to mains at The Fish House, it really is time to indulge. You can order whole lobsters to whole fish and truly be wowed at the quality of seafood that they serve. We went with more subtle dishes but we were still just as impressed with what came to our table. The first main ordered was the Grilled Blue Eye Trevalla - from St Helens Tasmania with clams and saffron sauce. It's quite a vibrant dish because of the orange tones of the saffron sauce and the white flesh of the fish, it didn't let us down in flavour.

The second main was the Steamed Jewfish - with ginger broth and shallots. That broth! Wow it was the first thing we tasted when the meal was placed in front of us. Our spoon dived straight into the tasty, salty broth with the subtle flavours of ginger,it was really delightful. We could have eaten a whole bowl of that broth with pleasure. The fish itself was delicate and flavoursome & was a perfect combination with the broth.

Along with any main meal ordered, you will get some very delicious sides. A bowl of crispy Cos Lettuce Salad dressed in lemon and olive oil. Also a bowl of greens which included Broccoli, Snow Peas and the most tastiest Fresh Green Peas. But the best sides were the Roasted Potatoes, these were incredible. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and so much flavour.. yum!

One rule of dining out, always leave room for dessert, well that's our rule anyway and we are happy to adhere to it. So yes we ordered dessert and mighty glad that we did. Citrus Tart - with mascarpone cream was one of our 'go to' desserts on the menu. The citrus filling did exactly what it needed to do in our mouths, the tang hit our tastebuds immediately and made us sit up in our seats. Love that about anything to do with citrus, packs a punch and so mixed with the sweet crust and the creamy mascarpone, it was a dessert that we would order again.

The beauty that some desserts bring is just amazing, this next dessert definitely brought beauty to the table. A chilled Coconut Pannacotta - with a quenelle of mango sorbet, fresh blueberries and crunchy honeycomb. We took many photos of our lunch this day but there was one photo of this dessert that we took that was worthy of a cover shot for Gourmet Traveller. That is how much beauty this dessert expelled, simple yet stunning. An exquisite end to a beautiful long lunch spent at The Fish House.

We are not sure what took us so long to experience dining at The Fish House, we do know one thing for sure, it won't be long before we return. It's definitely an asset to the Gold Coast dining scene to have this restaurant in our presence and to have it's reputation on the radar of not only locals but visitors and celebrities, is a win for us.

A restaurant that is a perfect venue for an intimate romatic date, a special celebration or just somewhere to take a loved one to treat them to a memorable food experience. If you are a lover of seafood, The Fish House will satisfy your cravings and make you fall in love even more. And we all need a little more love in our lives...



50 Goodwin Terrace

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07 5535 7725 for enquiries & reservations
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Open 7 nights a week

Tuesday to Wednesday - 12pm to 2:00pm
Thursday to Sunday - 12pm to 2:30pm

Sunday to Wednesday - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Thursday to Saturday - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

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