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It was just like we remembered it… exquisite.  As you walk up the grand staircase of the Soul Peppers building in Surfers Paradise, you just know that you are in for an amazing dining experience.

We were lucky to be recently invited to enjoy the brand new lunch concept at Seaduction Restaurant & Bar, the Seaduction Seafood Table.  It is just like the American style seafood boils, where the food is served directly on the table, usually on top of newspaper.  The table setup at Seaduction was similar with newspaper printed parchment paper covering the centre of the table just awaiting food to be placed upon it, almost like a culinary artwork.  We knew we were in for a treat..

To start off our lunch we were greeted by the friendly manager that offered us wine that was hand picked to compliment the seafood lunch.  It was a Sauvignon Blanc from Dalrymple Vineyards in Tasmania, a crisp elegant wine with notes of pink grapefruit and passionfruit. A perfect wine to enjoy with the selection of seafood that we were about to enjoy.

The entrees came to the table, a wooden board that was covered in a beautful selection of Sashimi of Harimisa Kingfish, Huon Salmon and Saku Tuna. Delicate slices of raw fish that was accompanied with pickled ginger, seaweed salad and crispy shallots. Even with some at the table not too keen on eating raw fish, they enjoyed the freshness and flavours of this beautiful entree.

After a small break after entree, we were excited to see Executive Chef Joel Bryant come to our table with two trolley carts laidened with fresh seafood and other delights... our Seaduction Seafood Table Lunch had arrived.

Piece by piece, the chefs began to place all of the delicious menu items directly onto our table. With fillets of pan-fried Gold Band Snapper Fish with Sauce Vierge, Salt & Pepper Squid, Tempura Prawn Cutlets and hand-cut Potato Chips amongst the crispy cooked items. Then the fresh seafood came with fresh Whole King Prawns and mounds of fresh Oysters scattered between the cooked seafood.

It didn't end there.. more amazing food was coming. A dish filled with steamed Black Mussels, plus a tin of Spanish Anchovy Fillets found their way onto the table as well. A fresh Garden Salad and a pile of steamed Broccoli Salad brought a vibrant green element to the table. To compliment everything that was already there, fresh lemon pieces, aioli sauce, tomato sauce and tabasco sauces were placed amongst it all. The final touch was a small loaf of housemade Ash & Garlic Confit Sourdough Bread, which we might add tasted divine.

We sat back and admired the completed Seafood Table once the chefs went back to the kitchen and we were completely 'wowed' by the array of food before our eyes. Where to begin we thought to ourselves. The fresh King Prawns were so inviting so we began with those, full of flavour and so fresh. then piece by piece we tried everything else. Cooked to perfection, the crispy Tempura Prawns were so delicious and the Gold Band Snapper Fillets just melted in our mouths.

The concept of eating straight from the table was something we hadn't experienced before, but after eating this Seafood Table, we would happily do it again and would highly recommend it for others to try. Available for lunch, Tuesday to Saturday, it costs $70 per person or $99 per person paired with a bottle of wine. It is designed for a minumum of 2 people, but it's great to share amongst 4 people like we did.

The Seaduction Seafood Table is a dining experience that is perfect for that special long lunch with a partner or you can sit back and enjoy the view and the company with a group of friends. You will be Seaduced...







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